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We are in need of your support to further Honor our World War II Veterans through our upcoming Legacy Projects.

We at Honor Flight Michigan understood it was our job to say thank you to as many of these true American heroes, Michigan's heroes as was possible. Over the course of four years we took 33 Honor Flights, escorting almost 1,400 Michigan WWII Veterans on what most of them told us was one of the most memorable days of their lives. Amazing statements from heroes who lives spanned 80 years plus and considering all they endured in service to our country throughout the war.

It was our pleasure and indeed our Honor to have played a small role in helping these veterans understand how a grateful nation feels about them and appreciates what they did for all of us. Their Honor Flights' provided them not only an opportunity to see their memorial but to hear first-hand the many Thank You from those grateful citizens visiting the memorial on the day of their Honor Flight. The handshakes, pats on the back and warm embraces helped many of our veterans realize and come to terms with the impact they had on our country. Most importantly each one came home from their Honor Flight with a better understanding of what an important part they played in our countries history and that their legacy is assured knowing that their families, the state of Michigan and the country they love so will remember them always and be forever proud.

But the job of Honor Flight Michigan is not complete. We still have work to do. We must continue our tradition of Honoring Michigan's World War II Heroes. And so we proudly introduce Honor Flight Michigan - The Legacy Projects.

Honor Flight Michigan - The Legacy is a series of unified media and community projects which include a coffee table book chronicling the history and images of all 33 Honor Flight trips. Beautifully photographed by Official Honor Flight Michigan Photographers Brad Zeigler and Nate Strong and complimented with emotional and thoughtful reflections of board members, guardians and our veterans. This book will tell the story of Honor Flight Michigan from its inception until the last flight.

DOCUMENTARY SOUNDTRACK CD - DOCUMENTARY DVD - COMMEMORATIVE BOOK These wonderful and lovingly created Legacy projects will pave the way for our ultimate tribute to Michigan's World War II heroes - a permanent monument to be located in Memorial Park - Royal Oak, Michigan. A park long ago dedicate to those who served our great state and just waiting for a fitting tribute to these heroes.

The Honor Flight Legacy memorial will be a respectful simplistic place for reflection and remembrance, always honoring the memories and heroics of our own Michigan World War II Veterans. Designed in concert with the global shape and as a nod to the WWII Memorial in Washington, it will provide a feeling of welcome and honor to all who visit for generations to come. We feel Honor Flight Michigan would miss an opportunity and that our founder Dave Cameron's vision of honoring each and every Michigan WWII Veteran would be incomplete if we do not leave something for future generations as a gentle reminder to never forget these amazing men and women who served us all. The completion and dedication of the Honor Flight Michigan Legacy Memorial will allow us to declare "Honor Flight Michigan Mission Accomplished" but to accomplish our final goal - we need your help.

Margaret Mead once said - "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

This quote motivated and sustained those of us at Honor Flight Michigan on those days when the task at hand seemed insurmountable. There was a time we had nearly one thousand veterans who had sent in an application for their Honor flight and less than $1,000 in our bank account. As our story filtered into the community - caring individuals, small businesses, organizations, schools and civic and veterans groups stepped up with donations, fundraisers and underwriting support to help us get the job done and now we need that same outpouring of support more than ever.

We have many ways and levels of support to help Honor Flight Michigan Complete its mission and bring all our Legacy Projects to life.

You can make a donation in support of our legacy projects in any amount with your credit card by going to our Donations Page link at the top of this page.

Dave Cameron's dream of Honor Flight Michigan was made a reality by the hard work of the board of directors, our volunteers and guardians. But none of it would have ben possible without the generous donations of friends and supporters like you that believed in our program. You were directly responsible for Honor Flight Michigan taking nearly 1,400 Michigan Heroes to see their memorial in Washington D.C.

In the words of Winston Churchill "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Won't you please help us leave a lasting legacy to our Heroes and their families with your gift of support for the Honor Flight Michigan Legacy Programs?

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